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WeeklyLevelUp – It IS in the game
by Verdine "Wolf" Daniels
WeeklyLevelUp All About Gaming and e-sports - It IS in the game WeeklyLevelUp is what's hot and happening for South African gaming news and e-sports events. They're is currently focusing on Blizzard's Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. After a successful Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm tournament. They've has been invited to attend the…
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Luciano Rosso lip syncs Yma Súmac’s Mambo
by Verdine "Wolf" Daniels
The Internet is loving this guy right now. Check out Luciano Rosso lip sync Yma Súmac's Mambo. This is quite entertaining. If you dig this video, check out the rest of his videos on his YouTube channel.
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