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Scar-lit Hearts for Kultur Magazine
by Verdine "Wolf" Daniels
A fan of burlesque and friends with many performers, I decided to get this lovely lady on the cover of this magazine. We did with shoot on a Saturday at The Alexander Bar in Cape Town. This was my second official shoot for Kultur Magazine.
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Kultur Magazine
by Verdine "Wolf" Daniels
Kultur Magazine is the creation of Verdine Daniels and aims to promote unknown and well known creative people. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a photographer, a model, a performer, or even a band, we are here to showcase your work. A project that was started back in 2008, 3 years later became a reality as an online medium. We have now grown since it’s first publication and plan to do bigger and better things in the near future.
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Sinfully Lady Kay
by Verdine "Wolf" Daniels
A shoot that was one thing and turned into another.
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