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I always get asked by many people “So, what is it you do for a living?” Now I have an excuse to tell people to “Google me” :D I’ve been designing and creating art all my life. Started my career in Graphic Design and video editing in 1999 and never looked back. Got into 3D animation around the same time and tied it into my design skills. At the beginning of my career as a graphic designer, I did a lot of freelance work, then ended up working for a marketing company that focused on online casinos. Thereafter, I went on to work for a few small media and marketing agencies. I’m currently working for a mobile marketing company and creating marketing media for print, web and TV. Always hungry to try new things and learn new skills, I then got into photography while working on Kultur Magazine, Tattoo Kultur and Gears & Ink. Getting into photography got me into some pretty cool gigs. I started with live show snaps, then moved on to do some studio work and some outdoor photo shoots for fashion editorials and portfolio work. My current personal projects are Kultur Magazine, Tattoo Kultur and Gears & Ink. I’ll also be dabbling in some game development with the input from the guys at
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