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My name is B r i t n e y. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Femme Fatale. INTJ (psychological personality profile). Demisexual. Artistic. Esoteric. Dark. Comical. Loyal. Indomitable. Inconstant. Serene. Reserved. Intellectual. Old Fashioned. Analytical. Feminine. Unconventional. Consuming. Paradoxical. Self-Portraitist. Photographer. Digital Retoucher. Snow White. "I enjoy creating a visual mood on traditional and non-traditional canvas that evokes a memory, a feeling, or a moment in time. (It should be noted that I use the term "canvas" loosely, often figuratively.) Like any good composition, all the components must flow and work together. I use warm, scarcely cool tones, and emphasize texture to define my subjects. The concept is seldom preconceived, but rather evolves as the piece progresses... but always open to new interpretation. My mediums and creations are an extension of the self, and the result being my own path unfolding." - Miss Britney Rae
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